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Oxygen is essential for humans. Oxygen is an active element which changes everything. By removing oxygen from the environment of the package, there will be no oxidation. It is quite simple, if there is no oxygen, there will be no oxidation or no mold growth.

Metallic Iron usually experiences rust due to the oxygen in air. Mitsubishi Gas Chemical found this simple and natural mechanism is good for Food preservation by creating an oxygen free environment. This discovery became a Mitsubishi Gas Chemical patent and Ageless was developed and commercialized in 1977. This was the first oxygen absorber and remains the World’s Top brand today. Mitsubishi Gas Chemical is proud that Ageless is the most reliable and highest quality oxygen absorber available today.

Ageless has evolved into a film type absorber, OMAC®. Ageless continues to expand into other categories such as the Pharmaceutical and Medical fields with PharmaKeep®, and also into the Industrial and Cultural fields with RP Systems.

We are a technology based company and continue to develop new technologies. We are happy to work with you and your products based on our technologies to add value for you.

Oxygen absorbers, the Ageless family can extend shelf life of your products, reduce waste, extend your distribution, allow production when it is cost-effective, save resources and reduce total cost. Ageless is environmentally friendly.