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Feature of AGELESS®

AGELESS® can be used very simple, just put it in your packaging and seal.
Not required expensive equipments.

Type Feature Oxygen absorption Speed Applicable range Handling time
ZPT ZPT Image Standard type from dry to moist 1-2 days (Normal size)
3-5 days (#500 and larger size)
Aw 0-0.95 4 hours
(Aw 0.65-0.95)
1 hour
(Aw less than 0.65)
SS SS Image For frozen application 0.5-1 days
(41 degree F, 5 degree C)
3-5 days
(-4 degree F, -20 degree C)
Aw 0.65-0.95 1 hour
E E Image For roasted coffee products Absorb both oxygen and carbon dioxide Different by size Aw 0.3
and less
4 hours
FL FL Image Label type 0.5-1 days (Aw more than 0.8)
1-2 days (Aw 0.75-0.8)
Aw 0.75
and more
8 hours
(Aw less than 0.75)
4 hours
(Aw 0.75-0.9)

Automation of AGELESS®

Ageless Features Image Ageless Features Image Ageless Features Image