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AGELESS® is designed for Food and Pharmaceutical products and comes in sachet and label form.

  • ZPT is the standard type. ZPT is used in most foods from dry to moist products (Aw less than 0.95)
  • SS type is used for frozen products. SS can absorb oxygen even at -4 degrees F.
  • E type is used for coffee products and can absorb both oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  • FL type is an oxygen absorbing label which can be attached by automatic labeler.

We can introduce automatic dispensing and attachment systems of Ageless for your packaging.


Oxygen Absorving Film

OMAC Image

OMAC® is an oxygen absorbing film. OMAC® is good for liquid and pasteurized foods such as soups, sauces and fruits in syrup. OMAC® can be used with retort, boiled and hot fill treatments.


Oxygen and Moisture absorber for Pharmaceutical and Medical applications

PharmaKeep Image

PharmaKeep® is designed for pharmaceutical products that are sensitive to oxygen and moisture.
PharmaKeep® is a special oxygen absorber which can work under extremely dry conditions. Iron based absorbers require a moisture component to absorb oxygen. This moisture component is contained in the sachet and can be detrimental to moisture sensitive ingredients in pharmaceuticals. PharmaKeep® does not have a moisture component and there is no concern of hydroxylation. PharmaKeep® is available in sachet or canisters.

RP System®

Oxygen, Moisture and corrosive gases absorber Oxygen barrier bags for Industrial and Cultural Assets

RP System Image

RP System® is designed for Industrial products. RP System® consists of RP Agent and high gas barrier bag. RP Agent absorbs oxygen, moisture and corrosive gases, e.g., hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen chloride. The high gas barrier bag has one of the lowest oxygen transmission rate and lowest water vapor transmission rate in the market. RP System® is suitable for long-term preservation of Industrial products and Cultural Assets like art work.