Our Products

Oxygen Absorbers

In 1977, MGC launched AGELESS, the world’s first oxygen absorber. Highly acclaimed as epoch-making method for preventing the freshness of foods, AGELESS is now used in various applications in addition to foods. MGC developed OMAC, PharmaKeep, and RP System making use of the oxygen-absorbing technology.

Aromatic Chemicals

Various / Many kinds of / Variety of aromatic chemical products are manufactured based on MGC’s proprietary technology.Especially Meta-xylene is one of our key products.By using this product, MGC develops very unique derivatives such as Meta-xylene diamine (MXDA), MX Nylon, Gaskamine and 1,3 bis-amonomethyl cyclohexane (1,3-BAC).MGC also uses its original technology to supply advanced products, such as Aromatic Aldehydes.

Natural Gas Chemicals

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company (MGC) is one of the largest manufacturers of Methanol, which is made from natural gas which has been drawing attention as a global environment-friendly energy source. Methanol is now produced in Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. MGC also manufactures Bio Q10 with MGC’s original biotechnologies.

Engineering Plastics

MGC develops engineering plastics such as the polycarbonate resin Iupilon with its own original technology, and produces them in Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Korea and China.
Iupizeta is the original special polycarbonate resin MGC developed and features unique characteristics.

Inorganic Chemicals

MGC develops and sells a wide range of inorganic chemical products, from basic to fine, based on over 70 years of experience in the hydrogen peroxide business.
Persulfates are produced at Yamakita plant, which started the first hydrogen peroxide production in Japan and now MGC is one of the largest Persulfates manufacturers in the world.